Microsoft 4GB Console w/ Kinect Bundle

Microsoft 4GB Console w/ 
Kinect Bundle

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Microsoft 4GB Console w/ Kinect Bundle - If you're looking for the perfect starter kit to jump into the amazing world of motion controlled gaming, then this Microsoft Kinect Bundle is just what you need. It comes with the all new Microsoft Xbox 360 RKS-00001 4GB Console with Kinect. Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways where your body is the controller. What better way to test out the new Kinect sensor than with the included Kinect Sports Video game, which allows anyone to become the next star of the living room in any of the 6 action-packed games. While you're having fun in your own living room, why not challenge an online friend in his living room as well with the 3 month Gold membership card, you'll have access to just that, along with all the bells and whistles of Xbox live. The bundle isn't just Kinect exclusive, because it also includes a Wireless Black Controller for all your other gaming needs which the 4GB console can also handle. Read More Detail....

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